The first potluck (and event) I ever hosted was a really hot day in May.  A friend said she would bring homemade pizza, and so I planned on her and a couple of other friends to bring more conventional food items.  I decided to take the opportunity and  make more experimental dishes like lettuce wraps and sushi.  This friend didn’t show up and everyone else brought drinks, so there was nothing “normal” to eat.


Luckily, I learned from this experience for my second picnic in the park in June and potluck dinner in December.  For the second potluck, I made enough winter food that was less experimental but not boring  The menu included this curry!

My roommate and I decided to join forces and make it again for dinner!  The recipe is really easy, and you can play around with it.  This time, he and I modified the recipe replacing chicken with tofu sauteed in olive oil with pepper. We also went OVERBOARD with vegetables and extra spices including garam masala and cumin so it was more vegetables than actual curry sauce. Whatever, it was super yummy. Mmmmmm


I ate too much…Too full but very happy


New York, New York

For my 24-hour trip to New York, one conclusion is clear: I held on to a misconception.  After my two previous experiences in New York (both coincidentally also 24 hours or less),  I had previously compared NYC to the Buenos Aires of North America -chaotic, dirty, and overwhelming.  Perhaps is was because I had only been to the tourist center or that I spent them chasing after my friends who had a definite plan of the day’s activities.  Nonetheless, from the masses of people who passed me on the sidewalks, I had found Central Park to be the refuge for one to not be yelled at for stopping to tie a shoe or just admiring your surroundings.

This time, my friends and I had no plan but to eat brunch.  We found a small French cafe in Soho, from which we ventured to an art gallery containing works of Picasso and Matisse.  Cars still honked.  People still crowded intersections.  Despite it all, I enjoyed being able to see the sky without tilting my head to an unhealthy degree for my spine.  At night, we went to a bar where a man just gave our table of 7 girls 2 boxes of his leftover pizza.  Yum.

After a few drinks, I left the city catching Megabus at 1:15 am.  As I watched the skyscrapers that before gave me a sense of claustrophobia pass in the skylight,  I couldn’t help but think, “I’m sorry, New York.  I love you, and  I will be back soon -this time for an entire weekend.”

Au revoir!!! -weekend trips in the near future

I’m so excited!!!

My friend and I have spontaneously planned a quick visit to New York this weekend. Our former roommate is studying social work at NYU, so we will be visiting her.

In February, my college roommate and I are making a 16-hour journey by bus and train to cross the border and visit Montreal for La Nuit Blanche.  We have been planning to go since DC hosted its inaugural version in 2011. It’s our first time in Canada, and I cannot wait to photograph the event.

Now, I must find a new job and stop this frivolous spending for #3.

One thing I must note, thank goodness for Megabus and Amtrak.  They make traveling along the East Coast really easy and convenient.

Au revoir!

A new year and a quarter-life crisis

My friend and I proceeded to do a year-in-review over dinner a month ago. Our conclusion:

2011 was a mess.  I made great friends and had lots of adventures but a mess nonetheless as I had no direction in my life.

I have high hopes for 2012.

Currently, I am 2 months shy of turning 25. I live in Washington, DC. (No, I am not an intern for Capitol Hill). I work three jobs that help me pay the rent and feel like a real “adult,” but they are nowhere near what I am passionate about or what I would like to pursue as a career. I got rejection letters from my graduate schools (honestly, not a surprise since I applied pretty late)…and I’m beginning to get tired of living in the city.

I am not a resolution type of person, but I actually wrote some this year because I am making 2012 a starting point to change my life and pursue happiness.

  1. Take better care of myself (eat healthier, run/do yoga/bike/surf more, go to doctors and dentists for regular check-ups)
  2. Take more risks (go out more by myself, meet more strangers)
  3. ….But be responsible (save up some money)
  4. Be more loving (to my boyfriend, family, and friends)
  5. Be kinder to myself (not compare myself to everyone and criticize myself/be envious of what I lack)
  6. Do work that I love without thinking about how it will benefit me in the future
  7. Learn all the things I want to learn (guitar, skateboarding, cooking, French, German, all the biology and chemistry I have forgotten, global affairs, gardening, and… to blog!)

We’ll see how long this lasts! (See #7)

My adaptation of a traditional Japanese New Year's Day breakfast to start 2012 on the right foot!

As wordpress aptly put it on my intro post…

Hello, world!