New York, New York

For my 24-hour trip to New York, one conclusion is clear: I held on to a misconception.  After my two previous experiences in New York (both coincidentally also 24 hours or less),  I had previously compared NYC to the Buenos Aires of North America -chaotic, dirty, and overwhelming.  Perhaps is was because I had only been to the tourist center or that I spent them chasing after my friends who had a definite plan of the day’s activities.  Nonetheless, from the masses of people who passed me on the sidewalks, I had found Central Park to be the refuge for one to not be yelled at for stopping to tie a shoe or just admiring your surroundings.

This time, my friends and I had no plan but to eat brunch.  We found a small French cafe in Soho, from which we ventured to an art gallery containing works of Picasso and Matisse.  Cars still honked.  People still crowded intersections.  Despite it all, I enjoyed being able to see the sky without tilting my head to an unhealthy degree for my spine.  At night, we went to a bar where a man just gave our table of 7 girls 2 boxes of his leftover pizza.  Yum.

After a few drinks, I left the city catching Megabus at 1:15 am.  As I watched the skyscrapers that before gave me a sense of claustrophobia pass in the skylight,  I couldn’t help but think, “I’m sorry, New York.  I love you, and  I will be back soon -this time for an entire weekend.”


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