My supervisor is having a baby, and as a last minute gift for her surprise baby shower today, I decided to make mittens -no instructions and with just two needles.

For the improved project, I casted on eleven loops for the base of the two mitten halves.  When I thought the mitten base was long enough to cover the wrist, I left three loops for the thumb and continued knitting the eight loops until I decided they were long enough for the fingers.  I tapered off the end by combining two loops on either end and treating them as one (k2tog, in knitting language).  After binding off the finger part of the mitten, I went back to the thumb.  I continued knitting until it was about halfway to the rest of the hand. Finally, I made two other halves, knitting the ends of each row into their partner.  They turned out better than I thought!


My mom had taught me how to knit while I was in high school, where my friends and I started a knitting club. (Yes, I was kind of nerdy).  To our surprise, the club took off, and we had about 30 members each meeting!

Since then, I have expanded from doing variations of rectangles, decoded the knitting language, and finished blankets for my grandmas using lace patterns.  Lace is definitely my favorite.

A link below to help you decode:


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