My friend hosted a St. Patrick’s Day potluck on Saturday.  Earlier that day, I had gone out to brunch at Perrys in Adams Morgan where I was served a plate with a vegetarian omelette, home fries and a salad.  Mmmm.  Major bonus was that omelette come with a biscuit!!!  I know the blogging world doesn’t know me, but I looovvee bread -or anything made in an oven for that matter.

With the surprise from brunch on my mind, I decided to make these biscuits for the potluck.  I used this recipe, reducing the cheese and putting in a little bit of oregano.  (I am in an oregano phase).

Unfortunately, my first try didn’t rise that people mistook them for cookies when I walked in with my plate!  Delicious nonetheless.

I suppose where I went wrong was that I didn’t read the part about sifting the flour.  Maybe that and adding a little bit of extra baking powder would have done the trick.  Let me know if you have better luck!


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