Making a book from scratch

A colleague at my work is moving to Wisconsin to get married and live with her fiance.  As a farewell gift, I made her this blank journal.

I took a printmaking class over the summer as an undergraduate and have been making journals as gifts since. I will come back to this post to write about the exact process, so hopefully you can make one too without paying tuition.

This isn’t the best work I’ve done since it had been a while and I forgot some key steps.  You can see the wrinkles in the end sheets from the glue.  Oh wellies.

I am not a huge fan of book cloths for covers, so I use nice paper instead. At Utrecht art store in downtown DC, I found this white woven sheet with bits of plants meshed in it.  To make it represent DC without being too DC, I pressed some cherry blossom flowers into the cover page and the pocket I placed along the back end sheet.



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