A new part of them

I’m not alone when I say that I love TEDIf you don’t know about TED already, you are missing out on a great educational resource for presentations that are reminiscent of university lecture halls.  In about 15 minutes, I learn about economy, philosophy, religion, technology, design, comedy, art, international relations, and medicine.

Today, boredom struck while I was at work, and I watched Scott Summit’s lecture.

Courtesy of bespokeinnovations.com

Scott Summit is the co-founder of Bespoke Innovations. He is an industrial designer who works with individuals to help personalize their prosthetics for optimal functionality and aesthetics. Check it out! The lace pattern prosthetic is gorgeous.

Bespoke Innovations and the 3-D printing process to create the prosthetics was also featured in a New York Times article.

Bespoke Innovations is one of a handful of companies that work to create artificial limbs to fit people’s lifestyles.  Special Olympians require prosthetics specifically designed for athletic performance.  An example made famous by the movie 127 Hours is Aron Ralston, whose custom artificial arm was created by Hanger to meet the demands of rock climbing.  Through the combined efforts of doctors, scientists, and deigners, this new realm of art, science, and engineering gives individuals confidence and allows them a way to express themselves, despite the loss of their limb.  Most importantly, these individuals can continue to live empowered and not overpowered by their disability.


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