Cross country road trip: DC to LA via bike!

Not to post about bikes again, but……

A few weeks ago, my roommate was voicing his restlessness and suggested that we do a cross country road trip to California.  My automatic thought was “That is crazy!”  However, I was surprised that what escaped my mouth was “Yeah! Let’s do it!”  Given a moment to think about the response, I realized that I did want genuinely do this.  Why not? This is the perfect time because I have no constraints of a permanent job, school, or kids to complicate my ability to take a couple months off and bike with pit stops along the way hanging out with couchsurfers and friends, sightseeing, camping, and making many visits to the landromat.

The Adventure Cycling Association website is a great resource for long-distance biking routes all over the continental US.

The proposed route:

Tidewater Potomac –> Underground Railroad –>Southern Tier –> Pacific Coast

So….September 2012 – DC to LA.  It’s a while away, so hopefully, it will happen.


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