Song 1 -an immersive music experience in DC

Well, after an art filled weekend, I might as well continue the theme.  I promise I will get back to posting about recipes, photos, and thoughts (or my friend like to call them, brain barf).

On March 22nd, my roommate and I were on a late night bike ride to get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms when we would not have to fight off crowds and unruly children pretending to be monkeys creating “snow.”  On our way back, we came across this! A movie projection against the entire Hirshhorn building!!!  We joined the handful of people who had also noticed and stopped to watch this extended music video, an artistic compilation of covers of the classic song “I Only Have Eyes For You.”  Thanks to the internet, we found out later that we had stumbled across “Song 1” on its inaugural night.

Doug Aitken’s creation requires 11 projectors to fulfill a 360 degree movie experience. The Hirshhorn’s deputy director and chief curator Kerry Brougher aptly described the piece as an “intersection of nature, the urban landscape, cinema, music and architecture.”

Below is a preview of the production with Aitken providing narration.  You can also find more photos and read more about the  production in these Huffington Post articles: Article 1 Article 2.

Better yet, see it for yourself!!!

Since the projection encompasses the entire museum building, it is impossible to see the entire movie at once.  Every angle offers a unique view.  My friend and I returned to watch the movie in its entirety (about 45 minutes, on loop) sitting on the north wall across the street to get a view of two screens.

Aitken made the perfect song choice as it is melodic and soothing – perfect for a comfortable summer night.  You can easily spend an hour or two switching positions around the building to experience the whole film.  Song 1 is playing every evening from around 8pm until midnight through May 13th! Go check it out!!


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