Today’s Challenge: Look up!

You’d think for being a short person, looking up would be a constant activity for me.  (Ok, according to this report, I am of average height for women, but still).  I didn’t realize that I neglected to do so until my drawing class as a sophomore in college.  My professor had assigned us to explore negative/positive space with charcoal drawings of tress.  As soon as class was dismissed, I went to scope out some trees.  And I didn’t stop at just trees. I went on to look at buildings, ceilings, archways, and the sky.  Even today,  I make a conscious effort to shield the sun from my eyes and crane my neck occasionally every time I am outside.

While I have always loved being in nature, I have also had an interest in buildings and architecture.  Unfortunately, my construction and design skills have peaked at Lego houses.  DC is known for monuments, but there are lots of areas where modern architecture juxtaposes with historical buildings.  I am fascinated that we are able to build these stable structures that are tens of stories high and support the weight of not only itself but hundreds of people and property contained within its floors.

(Note to self: I need to go to the Building Museum).

Looking up is an instantaneous break from my monotonous world of busy people in suits and honking taxis.  Take a moment to look up and admire the beauty of trees, tall buildings, and open sky.  LOOK UP!


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