In One Day

I thought that the plan to bike from DC to LA was going to be the most ambitious project I would have this year. Nope!

My two friends and I got together at a bar on April 1 and created In One Day to bring the people who make the city what it is and celebrate DC.  Since that night, we have been applying for permits, reaching out to sponsors, and recruiting volunteer in preparation for these three events!

Day of Joy– May 19th; a circulating group offering free hugs and laughter exercises in several parks in DC. (I know. Super silly!)

Day of Nurture– June 9th; a picnic for the homeless community with theatrical, poetry, and musical performances

Day of Connection– July 7th; a festival in Meridian Hill Park with workshops, yoga classes, an open air art galleries, an outdoor reading lounge with a mobile library, and much more!

Check us out at for the latest news and information about the project!

If you are/will be in DC for any period of time through the summer, help us out! Become a volunteer by filling out this very short volunteer application form!


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