Food, food and more food – cooking meals, the California edition

It is my second day in California, and it seems like my week here will lead to nothing but food posts.  My stomach is very excited with the idea.

For dinner, I cracked open this amazing cookbook that I found in no other than…..Urban Outfitters!!! Yes, I said Urban Outfitters – the store that sells clothes for young people.  If you’ve ever been inside and looked at their book selection before, I’m going to dispel all your presumptions about my cookbook.

No, it doesn’t have a girl in floral and neon ensemble anywhere in it. Or Polaroid / Instagram-esque shots.  Or any sarcastic remarks and pop culture references.

The Illustrated Quick Cook: Time-Saving Tips, After-Work Recipes, Cheap EatsThe Illustrated Quick Cook is a rarity among cookbooks, in my opinion, in that it has photographs for each recipe! Perfect for those people like me who is self-conscious of their cooking abilities and need a picture of what the end product is supposed to look like – especially if it is intended to feed other people.  Not only this, but it also has tips and photos on how to cut certain fruit and what not.

Really useful to flip through to just get ideas.  That is exactly what I did.


I used a couple of the recipes as inspiration and modified them a bit.

Chickpeas in olive oil and lemon (p. 432)

  • Drain canned chickpeas (aka garbonzo beans) and heat in pan with minced garlic clove, lemon juice, and olive oil as desired.  I chopped some of the mixed greens and added them instead of the parsley which I did not have.

Chicken with noodles and basil (p.108)

  • The grocery store did not have udon and I wanted a lighted base anyway, so I used pappardelle pasta.  Boiled that along with snap peas cut in pieces (substitution for the basil).  Cooked the chicken in a skillet with a mix of teriyaki sauce and soy sauce.


Okay. Okay.  I took the picture before I put the chicken in the pasta since it was still cooking on the stove when I had everything else all ready.


French toast topped with fresh fruit


So easy there is no recipe.  Just crack a few eggs in a bowl and mix with some cinammon.  Dip bread and heat on skillet.

The fruit in this picture was all mixed in a bowl with a drizzle of honey.  Delicious.


CSA week 8


We are not able to keep up with the CSA pace!  We still have a whole cabbage left along with a head of lettuce! To think we questioned if a half share was enough for four people when we were signing up!
This time I really will be missing the dinner since I will be going out of town for the 4th of July.
This week looks pretty identical to the last! I wonder what my roomies will end up making with these this time!
  • 1 Head Green Cabbage – Certified Organic – In Warehouse
  • 3 Pieces Yellow Straightneck Squash – Certified Organic – Echo Valley Organics
  • 1 Bag French Hericot Vert Green Beans – Certified Organic – Liberty Acres
  • 1 Bunch Thumbelina French Heirloom Carrots – Certified Organic – Farmdale Organics
  • 1 Bag White Cucumbers – Certified Organic – Liberty Branch Farm
  • 3 Pieces Green Zucchini – Certified Organic – Soaring Eagle Acres
  • 1 Bunch Red Candy Onions – Transitional – Sweetaire Farm
  • 1 Bag Yukon Gold Potatoes – Certified Organic – Wrightsdale Acres

CSA dinner 7


Sorry for the lack of posting!

I didn’t end up missing the dinner because my roomies did it on Monday.  They made zucchini fritters, tomato with mozzarella and avocado, and some greens with tofu cooked in a skillet.  Some of the zucchini fritters were even heart-shaped, thanks to the help of a cookie cutter. Mushy -literally and figuratively!


Yesterday, I kind of skipped out of work early to cross the river into Virginia and visit Artomatic.

An eleven story building whose entire floors are dedicated to art!?!?!

I have gone to plenty of pop up art galleries and artist studio buildings, and Artomatic is pretty much the equivalent of a Smithsonian housing over 1,000 local artists. When you are there, you cannot describe it as any less than astounding or every synonym for the word.  Each floor has so many nooks that you literally get lost in art.  At all times, they also have a bar on each floor serving refreshments like Izze soda! Fancy. They also have special events on stages found on almost each floor.

The entire experience was incredible!!  I spent almost 3 hours there, but I sped through the last few floors.  Too many artists to even take pictures of each, but here are some of the highlights from the museum.

Check it out! The month-long festival is only open for a few more days until June 23!!

CSA week 7


OMG. It is so hot outside.  Now officially summer!
Here’s what we are getting this week!
  • 1 Head Green Cabbage – Certified Organic – Green Valley Organics
  • 1 Head Green Leaf Lettuce – Certified Organic – The Back 40 Ranch
  • 1 Bag Yukon Gold Potatoes – Certified Organic – Hillside Organics
  • 1 Bag Fresh Garlic – Certified Organic – Outback Farm
  • 1 Bunch Fresh Yellow Onions – Certified Organic – Pine Hill Organics OR Sunrise Ridge Organics
  • 1 Bunch French Heirloom Carrots – Certified Organic – Farmdale Organics
  • 1 Bunch Bulls Blood Beets – Certified Organic – Echo Valley Organics

Yum! Carrots and garlic! I sadly will be out of town for this weekend and will miss the CSA dinner. I will have to ask what my roommates make!

Any recipe suggestions?

Everyone bikes!

If you’ve been following me for a while, I suppose you already know my love for bicycles.  I was fascinated when I found Pedal Power, a visual article with an amazing collection of 49 photographs depicting bicycles from around the world.

Three wheels.  Baskets.  Immobile.  Carts.  Multiple seating.

You will see it all in the gallery.  Take a look.

from Pedal Power on

Bake sale!!!

This afternoon, my friend and I are hosting a bake sale to help fundraise for Day of Connection and Exchange, the last of three events of the In One Day project.

Day of Connection and Exchange is a festival in Meridian Hill/ Malcolm X Park devoted to celebrating the DC community.  Some of the stations include an outdoor reading corner with pillows and coffee tables, a music and poetry performance area, a play corner with hula hoops and board games, a clothing swap section, and a slideshow gallery of photos taken by the public either uploaded or hashtagged to commemorate the day of July 7, 2012.

While festivals are fun, we wanted to make this an event that gave back to the community.  Therefore, the toys, clothes, and books collected and left at the end of the day would be donated to various local organizations.

The entire project of In One Day has been designed to be of minimal cost and has relied heavily on donations.  However, we have had to use our own personal funds to supply some of the materials and equipment like a Zipcar rental, paper plates, and posterboard.  The bake sale is intended to not only inform the public of the upcoming event but also help offset the cost of materials we would need to purchase to achieve the very basic requirements of the festival.  Excess funds will go towards continuing the meals for the homeless event in DC parks every month.

If you are in DC, come say hello at our information table set up by the drum circle in the park.  You can learn more about the project and how you can support it.

If you are not in DC, you can also support us by spreading the word and also donating to our paypal account!

Anywho, this is what I made and what you can expect to find if you come to our table!!

I bought self-rising flour so I followed the recipes without adding any baking soda of baking powder.  I reduced the sugar in all and the butter in the cookies.

I also forgot to actually put cardamom in the muffins. oops. They tasted good though. More of a nutty flavor.

My friend is also making some goodies.  Each unit will go for a suggested donation of $1.  Come enjoy a baked good and an afternoon in the park.

Summer means free outdoor movie screenings!


I went on a run Wednesday night to try and pick up my paycheck, and across the street from the office was a crowd of people gathered in a park.  That made my day – especially after I found out that my check was in the other office.  It’s summer!!!!

Here is a comprehensive list of all the outdoor movie screenings in the DC:

Screen on the Green on the National Mall

  • Monday, July 16: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Wednesday, July 25: It Happened One Night
  • Monday, July 30: From Here to Eternity
  • Monday, Aug. 6: Psycho
NoMa Summer Screen– Wednesdays, May 23 through August 8, 2012 , L Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, NE. Movie starts at 9pm.  The theme for this year is the end of the world. Food trucks are there for concessions.
Capital Riverfront Outdoor Movies– Thursdays, May 24 through July 26, 2012, Canal Park, M St and 2nd St, SE.  Movies start at 8:45pm ish.
U Street Outdoor Movies – Harrison Field Under the Stars–  V St. NW between 13th and 14th Sts.
  • June 27: DC Cab
  • July 25: Protocol
  • August 22: The American President
  • September 26:  The Pelican Brief

Advances in Stem Cell Research!

Amazing! Some researchers in Japan have claimed to have created a functional human liver from stem cells.  The scientists implantes induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, whose function is not yet determined and can develop into any type of cell.  While controversy exists on stem cells taken from embryos, this discovery could bypass the argument as iPS cells can be obtained from adults.  This would revolutionize the future of health care in eliminating or reducing the wait time for organ donations, replacing damaged or sick cells, and more.  Read the New York Daily News article here.