The trivial things I have learned from my 8 years with Gregory House

So the end of an era has come!
House aired its Series Finale last Tuesday.  (Why am I posting this now? Because I watch it on Hulu with an 8-day delay. Torture!)  I have been a fan of the show since its pilot episode because I am a huge science nerd.
Since entering the healthcare field myself has been a consistent idea of mine, I tried to make each episode a mini education to the ailments and names of medication I may encounter one day.  (Maybe it’s a myth, but I heard that doctors actually have TV parties to try and beat House to the diagnosis.  I doubt anyone outsmarts House though).  Unfortunately, my TV watching did not turn out to be as effective informal medical school lectures as I imagined, but here’s what I did learn from the show:
  • Blood in your urine = kidney failure (True, as I later learned in my Anatomy and Physiology class!)
  • I should keep my room clean in case a team of doctors ever break into my house to help come up with a diagnosis for my future crippling illness
  • The answer is never lupus
  • T-shirts can instantly become business casual appropriate attire with a proper blazer
  • I am truly fascinated by the human body. I am a huge nerd. Nothing new here.
  • Everyone lies

Thank you, Fox, for consuming an hour of my life each week.  I will surely miss House!


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