CSA Week 5

Week 5! It’s my turn to make the main dish! Any suggestions – perhaps with the zucchini??
  • 1 Bunch Asparagus – Certified Organic – Lancaster Farmacy
  • 1 Bunch Collards – Certified Organic – Farmdale Organics
  • 1 Bunch Garlic Scapes OR 1 Bag English Hull Peas – Transitional OR Certified Organic  – Valley View Farm OR Maple Arch Farm
  • 2 Pieces Green Zucchini – Certified Organic – Autumn Blend Organics
  • 1 Head Green Deer Tongue Lettuce – Certified Organic – Meadow Valley Organics
  • 1 Quart New Red Potatoes – Certified Organic – Green Valley Organics
  • 1 Bag Young Rainbow Chard – Certified Organic – Elm Tree Organics

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 5

  1. If you saute the zucchini with your garlic scapes (prosciutto if you aren’t vegetarian) and then add a bit of veggie stock, spices, maybe some crushed red pepper – you can blend it into an awesome VERY easy sauce. Over hot noodles with parmesan – it works great for my family.

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