Bake sale!!!

This afternoon, my friend and I are hosting a bake sale to help fundraise for Day of Connection and Exchange, the last of three events of the In One Day project.

Day of Connection and Exchange is a festival in Meridian Hill/ Malcolm X Park devoted to celebrating the DC community.  Some of the stations include an outdoor reading corner with pillows and coffee tables, a music and poetry performance area, a play corner with hula hoops and board games, a clothing swap section, and a slideshow gallery of photos taken by the public either uploaded or hashtagged to commemorate the day of July 7, 2012.

While festivals are fun, we wanted to make this an event that gave back to the community.  Therefore, the toys, clothes, and books collected and left at the end of the day would be donated to various local organizations.

The entire project of In One Day has been designed to be of minimal cost and has relied heavily on donations.  However, we have had to use our own personal funds to supply some of the materials and equipment like a Zipcar rental, paper plates, and posterboard.  The bake sale is intended to not only inform the public of the upcoming event but also help offset the cost of materials we would need to purchase to achieve the very basic requirements of the festival.  Excess funds will go towards continuing the meals for the homeless event in DC parks every month.

If you are in DC, come say hello at our information table set up by the drum circle in the park.  You can learn more about the project and how you can support it.

If you are not in DC, you can also support us by spreading the word and also donating to our paypal account!

Anywho, this is what I made and what you can expect to find if you come to our table!!

I bought self-rising flour so I followed the recipes without adding any baking soda of baking powder.  I reduced the sugar in all and the butter in the cookies.

I also forgot to actually put cardamom in the muffins. oops. They tasted good though. More of a nutty flavor.

My friend is also making some goodies.  Each unit will go for a suggested donation of $1.  Come enjoy a baked good and an afternoon in the park.


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