CSA dinner 7

Sorry for the lack of posting!

I didn’t end up missing the dinner because my roomies did it on Monday.  They made zucchini fritters, tomato with mozzarella and avocado, and some greens with tofu cooked in a skillet.  Some of the zucchini fritters were even heart-shaped, thanks to the help of a cookie cutter. Mushy -literally and figuratively!


3 thoughts on “CSA dinner 7

    • Asked my roommate and she doesn’t have a definite recipe. Here is what she did though:

      “Just take 4 large zucchinis and use a grater to shred them up. Then put them in a colander and squeeze the water out for 5-10 minutes, adding a dash of salt to soak up extra water. shred 1 smallish carrot, and add to the mix. Now add about a cup of flour, some salt and pepper, and a bunch of fresh dill and other fresh herbs. Fry them in oil at medium heat.”

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