Food, food and more food – cooking meals, the California edition

It is my second day in California, and it seems like my week here will lead to nothing but food posts.  My stomach is very excited with the idea.

For dinner, I cracked open this amazing cookbook that I found in no other than…..Urban Outfitters!!! Yes, I said Urban Outfitters – the store that sells clothes for young people.  If you’ve ever been inside and looked at their book selection before, I’m going to dispel all your presumptions about my cookbook.

No, it doesn’t have a girl in floral and neon ensemble anywhere in it. Or Polaroid / Instagram-esque shots.  Or any sarcastic remarks and pop culture references.

The Illustrated Quick Cook: Time-Saving Tips, After-Work Recipes, Cheap EatsThe Illustrated Quick Cook is a rarity among cookbooks, in my opinion, in that it has photographs for each recipe! Perfect for those people like me who is self-conscious of their cooking abilities and need a picture of what the end product is supposed to look like – especially if it is intended to feed other people.  Not only this, but it also has tips and photos on how to cut certain fruit and what not.

Really useful to flip through to just get ideas.  That is exactly what I did.


I used a couple of the recipes as inspiration and modified them a bit.

Chickpeas in olive oil and lemon (p. 432)

  • Drain canned chickpeas (aka garbonzo beans) and heat in pan with minced garlic clove, lemon juice, and olive oil as desired.  I chopped some of the mixed greens and added them instead of the parsley which I did not have.

Chicken with noodles and basil (p.108)

  • The grocery store did not have udon and I wanted a lighted base anyway, so I used pappardelle pasta.  Boiled that along with snap peas cut in pieces (substitution for the basil).  Cooked the chicken in a skillet with a mix of teriyaki sauce and soy sauce.


Okay. Okay.  I took the picture before I put the chicken in the pasta since it was still cooking on the stove when I had everything else all ready.


French toast topped with fresh fruit


So easy there is no recipe.  Just crack a few eggs in a bowl and mix with some cinammon.  Dip bread and heat on skillet.

The fruit in this picture was all mixed in a bowl with a drizzle of honey.  Delicious.


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