CSA week 9

Just ran a 4th of July 5k and talked to a CSA booth here.

I’ll be back in DC for this round!!  Oh yay! Basil!

  • 1 Bag Red Tomatoes – Certified Organic – Green Valley Organics
  • 1 Bag Yellow Wax Beans OR Green Beans – Certified Organic -White Swan Acres OR Healthy Harvest Organics
  • 1 Bunch Gold Beets – Certified Organic – Windy Hollow Organics
  • 1 Bag Purple Viking Potatoes – Certified Organic – Bellview Organics
  • 1 Bunch Thumbelina French Heirloom Carrots – Certified Organic -Farmdale Organics
  • 1 Head Green Romaine Lettuce – Certified Organic – Healthy Harvest Organics
  • 1 Bag Sweet Basil – Certified Organic -Noble Herbs
  • 5 Pieces Green Zucchini – Certified Organic – Red Fox Organics

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