The Color Run -Philly!!!!!!

My long awaited day of the Color Run has finally passed.

The big question:

Is it the happiest 5k on earth?


The Color Run is the best social experience ever.  It’s not even the actual run (more walk because of the sheer number of people) but afterwards that is the best.  No, not the Color Extravaganza pictured below.  It is when everyone is making their way home and you bump into other people with colors resembling characters seen on Avatar or comic book superheroes.  You feel as though you are part of a giant flashmob as non-participants eye you and you walk on unfazed by their astonishment/disgust.  You make eye contact with Color Runners, smile, and cheer with more strangers than you do ever in a typical day.

Runs are still happening all over the US, including DC in September.  Do it!!!

PS- I’ll let you in on a secret. For those who don’t want too much powder, this guide is completely wrong. People are also standing in the middle. Just pay attention.



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