Super easy bread, you say? We’ll see about that…

I’m not sure if there are many people like me out there, but my bread won’t rise.

I follow the directions exactly as recipes say.

Wait until the yeast is foamy.

Don’t put too hot of water in with yeast to kill it.

Do the cycles of rising and punching down.

While I don’t have career goals for the immediate future, I have definite plans of opening a small bakery when I am of AARP beneficiary age.  I honestly was about to give up on bread and my dream of a bakery altogether, but then came across this recipe.  I was skeptical but I mean, they can’t call it “Super Easy Bread for Beginners” for no reason, right??

It’s not the typical quartet of yeast, flour, water, and sugar, but check out the result below!! I broke the curse!  My future 65-year-old self is happy.


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