Who is this mystery writer?

I am going through a quarter-life crisis.  Maybe you can relate?

I am a 25-year-old girl from California (not the O.C.) who went to high school and college in Virginia. I currently live in Washington, D.C. with five roommates in a very large rowhouse.  With so many of my peers getting married and starting families, I panic at the thought that “settling down” is becoming the norm. Meanwhile, I am in denial of the years that have passed since college graduation while simultaneously being constantly reminded of it every time I meet a 20-year-old.  I feel as though I am falling behind in figuring out life and my role in this world.  Therefore, I am on a quest to figure out my purpose .

The above description of my internal struggle makes me sound really stressed out.  In reality,  I am preoccupied making friends, learning about the world, getting into adventures, and enjoying life.  I don’t worry too much about the future since I know life has a way of working itself out.  However, I have been living in DC for almost 3 years now (which converts to 15 years anywhere else) and I’ve been yearning for change.  When thinking about what my next move will be, I oscillate between moments of complete confusion and meditative daydreaming of being an adult.

Sure. Full-time job, your own apartment/house, health insurance and retirement fund, maybe a car, and husband/wife/kids/pet.  That is what typically defines adulthood.  Ironically, this is not what I want or what appeals to me now about this stage of life.  My definition is less about tangible things and more about achieving personal satisfaction. 

When I think of myself as an adult, I imagine myself….

  • constantly discovering great people and seeking experience and knowledge, especially on global affairs
  • doing something I love for work
  • being completely comfortable with myself
  • happy and perceiving past events of life with no feeling of regret

I know. These goals are pretty broad and could be overwhelming.  I figure most of these will come with time.  For the immediate future, I’m just going to keep enjoying life in DC and exploring my known and undiscovered passions -simply doing things that make me happy.

Eventually, I will  probably desire the typical definition of adulthood of kids and marriage.  When that day comes, I will definitely miss my current status living with roommates and having the title of “intern” at work.  No matter what age I am, one thing is for sure: I will always be a kid at heart….and in my parents’ eyes.


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