What is this blog?

My first attempt at blogging was before I studied abroad for a semester in Buenos Aires.  I had created a page before my departure and did not touch it the entire four-month period of the program. Epic fail.  In retrospect, I truly wish I posted photos and/or used it as a journal of my experience there.

This blog started as an experiment for the new year.  Since I created this blog on a whim, I did not fully conceive the plan for it.  Therefore, I’m breaking a fundamental rule in the blogging world: Pick a specific theme.  I am posting whatever is relevant in my life at the moment.

My high school biology teacher mentioned during class one day a concept.  When animals are born, they are fully functional immediately after or have very brief maturation period to adulthood.  Humans, on the other hand must take years of nurturing to become an adult. His idea was that we should start counting birthdays from the year we are fully matured.  I feel as though I am at that threshold, and I wanted to document this time in my life on a more interactive medium than a pen and journal.

I may change the layout every now and then.  I simply wanted to get started.  I predict that over time, the blog will mature and develop its own identity.  For now, I’m going to continue posting whatever I feel like posting.  So far, I really enjoy this project!  :)


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