New York Fashion Week

The Tents is an awesome documentary about the growth of New York as a fashion capitol through the development of fashion week at its beginning in Bryant Park to its relocation into Lincoln Center.

The Tents Trailer 2 from Marcus K Jones on Vimeo.

You can watch the entire documentary on


You will receive a fortune with a click of the mouse….in bed

I am packing and cleaning up my room and find a fortune that reads:

With my friend and I having started and operating a community service program since April, I cannot agree with it more.

I don’t recall the last time I have eaten Chinese food, but I’ve always loved the end of the meal when they bring you your handwritten bill on a plastic black receipt tray with packages of fortune cookies resting on them.  Thanks to twitter, I found this site.  Whether you are feeling uninspired, lost, or bored, you can get that small feeling of excitement and a token for whatever preoccupies your mind sans a meal in white cartons.

Time to Make It Work Again!


Yes, yes. I used that cliche catchphrase that has lost it’s cuteness, but I say it to properly announce that Project Runway Season 10 starts today!  My favorite show! Not so much for the designer drama but the weekly assignments and the end products.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I am a bit of an art nerd.  I love making things, and I have always been fascinated by sewing. When I was little, I would use my toy sewing machine to make little purses for my stuffed animals. AKA a piece of cloth folded in half with the sides sewn together. Big woop.

In more ways than one, my mom has been my idol, but one of the skills I admire in her is her ability to mend clothes and make household items like curtains and sofa covers with a fabric, sewing machine, needles, pins, and thread.  She even made my senior year prom dress.  And she would make it look so easy!

In college, there was a fashion design club where a couple of my friends in art classes were members and showed off their designs in a fashion show each semester.  Their talent is amazing.  One of my friends actually went to FIT and is now living in New York designing.  It made me even more eager to learn!

Another friend who is now taking classes at the Art Institute shared me this video recently that captures all the steps in the design and construction of a garment….which happens to be a jacket by Chanel…Oh, I’m sorry. THE Jacket.  I get so excited watching the video.  I hope to one day own a sewing machine and a dress form to start playing around with clothing design.

Until then, I’ll just keep watching Project Runway…

Everyone bikes!

If you’ve been following me for a while, I suppose you already know my love for bicycles.  I was fascinated when I found Pedal Power, a visual article with an amazing collection of 49 photographs depicting bicycles from around the world.

Three wheels.  Baskets.  Immobile.  Carts.  Multiple seating.

You will see it all in the gallery.  Take a look.

from Pedal Power on

The trivial things I have learned from my 8 years with Gregory House

So the end of an era has come!
House aired its Series Finale last Tuesday.  (Why am I posting this now? Because I watch it on Hulu with an 8-day delay. Torture!)  I have been a fan of the show since its pilot episode because I am a huge science nerd.
Since entering the healthcare field myself has been a consistent idea of mine, I tried to make each episode a mini education to the ailments and names of medication I may encounter one day.  (Maybe it’s a myth, but I heard that doctors actually have TV parties to try and beat House to the diagnosis.  I doubt anyone outsmarts House though).  Unfortunately, my TV watching did not turn out to be as effective informal medical school lectures as I imagined, but here’s what I did learn from the show:
  • Blood in your urine = kidney failure (True, as I later learned in my Anatomy and Physiology class!)
  • I should keep my room clean in case a team of doctors ever break into my house to help come up with a diagnosis for my future crippling illness
  • The answer is never lupus
  • T-shirts can instantly become business casual appropriate attire with a proper blazer
  • I am truly fascinated by the human body. I am a huge nerd. Nothing new here.
  • Everyone lies

Thank you, Fox, for consuming an hour of my life each week.  I will surely miss House!

Cinemagram- When photographs come to life

Calling all photographers, film buffs, and Instagram fans!!

I introduce you Cinemagram, a free app that creates motion within your photographs.


Cinemagram is a combination of a video and a photograph.  Essentially, you would select the portion of the photograph that you would like to set in motion.  Read about it in the Untitled Magazine.

from Cinemagram blog

Something to look forward to for when I join the smartphone boat.  (Yes, I am one of those people, and I do not qualify for Medicare).

See more animated photos on the Cinemagram blog and at

Improv Everywhere

Ever since flashmobs came about, I love organized just-for-fun activities that bring strangers together.  If I ever live in New York City, I would participate in every event hosted by Improv Everywhere to incite curiosity, intrigue, confusion, shock, and laughter from the public.

Improv Everywhere was started in 2001 by Charlie Todd, and the group has executed more than 100 performances -anything from the most recent prank of an impromptu formal dinner and concert in the park to one of the original projects of no-pants day in the metro.

Below is Charlie Todd’s TED presentation:

Go to their blog to sit back and watch this group’s performances.  It will surely put a smile on your face..

The Magical Power of Glasses

I have had glasses since 5th grade.  Back then, I hated having to wear them, so I only wore them in class to see the blackboard.  Eventually, my vision just got worse and I didn’t really have a choice but wear them or I would be ignoring my friends’ waves of hello.  At the elementary school age,   glasses wearers are a minority.  I was too self-conscious about epitomizing the Asian stereotype of academic nerdiness.

I finally got contact lenses in high school because I argued to my parents that running 5k cross-country meets with my glasses in my hand in case a stretch of the course enters the forest with roots, rocks, and other tripping hazards was not the best.  (Ok, I managed fine without using my glasses at all, but hey, it worked).   Having rid of glasses, I felt like I underwent  this drastic transformation.   After that I lived in contact lenses for years that my glasses prescription became obsolete.

Now, my attachment to contacts has waned.  I don’t know what changed.  Maybe it was the indifference as to whether the boys in my class thought I was cute or the self-confidence of diverging from the current fashion trend I developed over time.  I actually really wanted glasses, so I got them in January.

I love wearing my glasses.  It’s funny because I have some friends who wear fake glasses for the sake of wearing glasses.  I don’t know whether to feel pride in the fact that the glasses actually help me see better or disbelief that they are jealous of me being pretty much blind.

Need proof that glasses are now the cool way to see?

Google’s Project Glass is taking glasses to a new level that only seems possible in the science fiction realm – an experience called “augmented reality.”  What is augmented reality?  Unlike virtual reality in which one’s perception of the world is replaced by an artificial, computer-generated one, augmented reality is when technology functions to enhance one’s perception of current reality.  Take a look at the video below and learn more about augmented realityin this article by

And you thought Benjamin Franklin’s bifocals or photochromic/transition lenses were about as advanced as glasses would get, huh?

Paint a Pollock!

Jackson Pollock, aka “Jack the Dripper,” is one of the most famous painters of abstract expressionism.  Instead of using an easel and brushes, Pollock’s unconventional technique involved laying a canvas out on the floor as he hovered over it with a paint can, manipulating the texture and shape with foreign objects.  His life was ended prematurely by a car accident in 1956, just as his artwork was escalating in notoriety.

Take a creativity break!

Thanks to an individual inspired by his work, you can channel the American painter and create a Pollock instantly on the computer.  Move the mouse over the blank page, and click to play with the paint splatter techniques.

Untitled, 1948; photo from

Dreams of Night Rides on a Glowing Chariot

Like many people living in cities, my bicycle is my main mode of transportation.  Biking is great.  It’s convenient and often faster than public

My current ride: 5-speed free wheel gear Schwinn cruiser

transportation.  You can park it virtually anywhere for free.  It’s very cost effective and easy to maintain with some chain lube and the occasional tire tubes for flats.  You get a bit of your exercise for the day.  Plus, it’s eco-friendly and you won’t have to grovel at $4/gallon!

Map of DC Bike Routes, including Bike Share stations

Okay. Okay.  For the amount of biking I do around DC, I know I should wear a helmet as everyone should -regardless of where you are riding, how far, if you use bike lanes, whatever.  Why am I being reckless by opting to not wear one?  Well, it’s not by active choice, per se.  Nor is it an issue of “being cool” for me (because I accept that I am incapable of being cool no matter what I do.  My Dorkiness > My Coolness.  Always).  It’s just that I don’t have one readily available, so I never wore one since midway in college when I acquired a bicycle through volunteering at Community Bikes.

Even worse, I guess, is that I have no lights on my bike.  Now before you shake your head in contempt and mutter something like “What the…This girl is a dumb….”, I DO HAVE LIGHTS!!!  I did use them regularly before…. Then, my bike with the clips to fasten the lights was stolen, at which point I rode on my new bike holding the front light in my hand as I steered and the back light clipped to the belt loop of my pants.  Then, the batteries in my lights died.  Because none of the 5 remotes in our house had a supply of AAA batteries for me to “borrow,” this has led me to where I am now.

I realize the above paragraphs make me sound really lazy, which is quite the opposite from reality.  Scorn me as much as you want, concerned blog readers.  Just don’t tell my parents of my ignorance!  Haha.  I promise, world.  I will be responsible for my safety and get a helmet very soon.  As proof, I will model it for you here when it arrives!

Anywho, whenever I think of bike lights, my thought wanders to dream of these bikes featured in the Blackberry Bold commercial.

Bright bikes and a critical mass night ride?!?!? A hipster’s dream come true!!!

Unfortunately, these bikes are indeed a dream.  They are the product of some image manipulation by computers. Sigh.

From my google searching, it turns out I was not alone in the quest to becoming a human-size firefly.  The closest alternative to achieving a neon vehicle are these products by BikeGlow that you can wrap around your bike for illumination.  My friend, who also recently converted to a helmet-donning biker as his gift for his mom’s birthday, just announced that he ordered these lights.

Somehow, I am just not excited about these as I was about the bikes in the commercial. Not only are there too many patches of black that make an observer not look in awe but more in confusion as he/she squints to discern if a bar is on wheels (which very well could exist), these lights are associated in my brain as stairway decoration in frat houses for 80s parties.  (No offense. I loved them back in the day).  I guess I want the real thing -bright, ostentatious, and visible by anyone driving at night.

Until the day when I do find this (solar power-generated) glowing bike frame, I suppose I must be satisfied with the conventional bike lights.  Maybe I’ll weave some glow necklaces through the spokes for special occasions.  Whoa!

Of course, I’ll wear a helmet regardless -day or night.