Rainy day = time to bake

Another coworker of mine is leaving, and her supervisor is organizing a potluck party for her farewell on Friday.  I volunteered to bring bread.  To practice, I used this baguette recipe.



This recipe is meant for someone who is more patient than me!  You need a few hours for the various rising phases of dough.  Even though the photo makes it look amazing, my first attempt could have been much better.  I definitely will allow more time for the dough to rise for my party contribution.  Good thing I tested it!




Ever since I made the zucchini bread, I’ve been kind of on a baking rampage!

This is a great recipe for basic bread and you can manipulate it as you please! I have used this recipe and added oregano to it. Delicious with some olive oil!!!

Bread via cell phone camera

My birthday is just around the corner. I am considering asking people to get me packets of yeast…

Zucchini Bread!!!

I love letter writing and have been trying to do that in addition to e-mail. However, I am especially slow at getting mail out after writing them. For instance, I had asked several people to serve as my reference for graduate school applications in Fall 2011…I still have the thank you card for one of them.  To make up for my delay, I decided that I would mail her some bread with her card!

Instead of following the original recipe exactly, I made one loaf with blueberries and one without.  I also reduced the sugar to a little less than 2 cups.  The blueberries add sweetness to the bread that I could have reduced the sugar even more.

Hopefully, she won’t mind writing a letter of recommendation for me again.