Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline!!!

Oil has been a topic in the news for years.  With the nonrenewable resource being monopolized by corporate giants and the procurement dependent on unstable international relations, the pressure to find new and more local sources has been a focus to ensure the operations of our country as developments are made to convert the nation’s reliance to more sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy.

The Keystone Pipeline project was originally proposed by the TransCanada Corporation in 2005 with portions of the pipeline approved and constructed in Canada.  Since then, 4 phases of the project have been proposed.  Currently, phase 1 and 2 have already been completed with pipelines running from Alberta through Kansas and Nebraska.  The 3rd and 4th phases (the Keystone XL expansion project)   require 757 miles of  pipeline to be built connecting the portions already constructed from the first two phases – Alberta to Nebraska and Oklahoma to Texas.

Even though Obama rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline on January 18th, groups of senators are trying to resurrect it – disregarding the environmental implications and focusing on supporting the existing oil monopoly. Regardless of your personal political party affiliation, sign the petition to prevent the oil giants from gaining even more power and wealth, encourage our country (and the world) to look beyond oil for energy, and to protect wildlife and the environment.

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