Time for see you laters

It’s official.

A girl agreed to take my room and be the new roomie for our group home.

I am moving from my beloved DC.

Like anyone who has experienced moving, I am a bundle of emotions -sad, nervous, anxious, excited, terrified, dread (of all the packing and cleaning). As I started counting the days I have left to spend here with my friends, my mind wandered to all the amazing memories of experiences I have of the city. I never thought I would ever get to know the city and the people so well to make this place feel like a neighborhood. A community. A home.

Although starting over is daunting, I cannot wait to venture with heightened awareness once again, meet new people, and explore to personalize locations with sentimental connections to memories in my next destination.  All in an effort for personal growth and to create a new home.

But for now…..I still have so much I have yet to do before I go!

On the list of things to do by August 20-ish:

  1. Find a rooftop to have a summer BBQ
  2. Get the balls to perform a poem/song/anything on the Bloombars open mic on Mondays
  3. …..and skateboard at the skate park on 11th Street
  4. Wander through the underground tunnel system around Capitol Hill
  5. Go to Radius Pizza and take advantage of the $5 slice and pint deal (It’s not a myth! Radius is coming back, Mt. Pleasant!)
  6. Bake the perfect loaf of bread
  7. Drink a beer at night or watch the sunrise from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (OR! Not pass out there and do both)
  8. Finally e-mail the guy at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop to learn how to use the dark room and develop a roll of film
  9. Watch a movie outdoors at one of many summer screenings in DC
  10. Tour the White House. (Better get to writing to my letter of request!)
  11. Visit Baltimore during the day (Ok. Not in DC, but it’s so close and the only other time I went was for a night photo shoot of abandoned train cars. Not the safest thing)
  12. Host a relaxed dinner party to see all of my DC friends at least once last time

I still can’t believe it.

I gotta go out and take advantage of the weekend!!!


Dreams of Night Rides on a Glowing Chariot

Like many people living in cities, my bicycle is my main mode of transportation.  Biking is great.  It’s convenient and often faster than public

My current ride: 5-speed free wheel gear Schwinn cruiser

transportation.  You can park it virtually anywhere for free.  It’s very cost effective and easy to maintain with some chain lube and the occasional tire tubes for flats.  You get a bit of your exercise for the day.  Plus, it’s eco-friendly and you won’t have to grovel at $4/gallon!

Map of DC Bike Routes, including Bike Share stations

Okay. Okay.  For the amount of biking I do around DC, I know I should wear a helmet as everyone should -regardless of where you are riding, how far, if you use bike lanes, whatever.  Why am I being reckless by opting to not wear one?  Well, it’s not by active choice, per se.  Nor is it an issue of “being cool” for me (because I accept that I am incapable of being cool no matter what I do.  My Dorkiness > My Coolness.  Always).  It’s just that I don’t have one readily available, so I never wore one since midway in college when I acquired a bicycle through volunteering at Community Bikes.

Even worse, I guess, is that I have no lights on my bike.  Now before you shake your head in contempt and mutter something like “What the…This girl is a dumb….”, I DO HAVE LIGHTS!!!  I did use them regularly before…. Then, my bike with the clips to fasten the lights was stolen, at which point I rode on my new bike holding the front light in my hand as I steered and the back light clipped to the belt loop of my pants.  Then, the batteries in my lights died.  Because none of the 5 remotes in our house had a supply of AAA batteries for me to “borrow,” this has led me to where I am now.

I realize the above paragraphs make me sound really lazy, which is quite the opposite from reality.  Scorn me as much as you want, concerned blog readers.  Just don’t tell my parents of my ignorance!  Haha.  I promise, world.  I will be responsible for my safety and get a helmet very soon.  As proof, I will model it for you here when it arrives!

Anywho, whenever I think of bike lights, my thought wanders to dream of these bikes featured in the Blackberry Bold commercial.

Bright bikes and a critical mass night ride?!?!? A hipster’s dream come true!!!

Unfortunately, these bikes are indeed a dream.  They are the product of some image manipulation by computers. Sigh.

From my google searching, it turns out I was not alone in the quest to becoming a human-size firefly.  The closest alternative to achieving a neon vehicle are these products by BikeGlow that you can wrap around your bike for illumination.  My friend, who also recently converted to a helmet-donning biker as his gift for his mom’s birthday, just announced that he ordered these lights.

Somehow, I am just not excited about these as I was about the bikes in the commercial. Not only are there too many patches of black that make an observer not look in awe but more in confusion as he/she squints to discern if a bar is on wheels (which very well could exist), these lights are associated in my brain as stairway decoration in frat houses for 80s parties.  (No offense. I loved them back in the day).  I guess I want the real thing -bright, ostentatious, and visible by anyone driving at night.

Until the day when I do find this (solar power-generated) glowing bike frame, I suppose I must be satisfied with the conventional bike lights.  Maybe I’ll weave some glow necklaces through the spokes for special occasions.  Whoa!

Of course, I’ll wear a helmet regardless -day or night.