The first potluck (and event) I ever hosted was a really hot day in May.  A friend said she would bring homemade pizza, and so I planned on her and a couple of other friends to bring more conventional food items.  I decided to take the opportunity and  make more experimental dishes like lettuce wraps and sushi.  This friend didn’t show up and everyone else brought drinks, so there was nothing “normal” to eat.


Luckily, I learned from this experience for my second picnic in the park in June and potluck dinner in December.  For the second potluck, I made enough winter food that was less experimental but not boring  The menu included this curry!

My roommate and I decided to join forces and make it again for dinner!  The recipe is really easy, and you can play around with it.  This time, he and I modified the recipe replacing chicken with tofu sauteed in olive oil with pepper. We also went OVERBOARD with vegetables and extra spices including garam masala and cumin so it was more vegetables than actual curry sauce. Whatever, it was super yummy. Mmmmmm


I ate too much…Too full but very happy